Our food at Brasa comes from the highest quality sources available. Year round nearly 100% of the meat, dairy, eggs, flour, sweet corn and cornmeal we serve is produced in Minnesota, Wisconsin & Iowa on small family owned farms and cooperatives. Many of our other ingredients are organic or sustainably raised. We also feature local vegetables when available.

Our meat and eggs are from cage free and non-confinement producers. Eggs are certified organic, meats are 100% naturally raised without hormones or antibiotics.

We favor traditional foods as the foundation of our recipes: Fresh vegetables & herbs, butter, extra virgin olive oil, whole milk & cream from pasture based dairies, organic beans, cornmeal and pure sea salt. We do not use any MSG or high fructose corn syrup. All water served in the restaurant and used for cooking is double filtered.

Nearly all of our food is gluten free. Currently all menu items are gluten free except for sandwich rolls, sliced bread, macaroni & cheese and all but one of our dessert offerings. Our recipes adhere to the standards set forth by the Celiac Foundation.